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since 1956

The company

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Dibenedetto Luminarie is a sole proprietorship that operates professionally in the sector of artistic illuminations and urban Christmas decorations and prestigious commercial structures .
The company is based in Monterosso Almo (RG), and its owner Dibenedetto Giovanni has matured and carried on his over forty years of professional experience in the original family business founded by his father Dibenedetto Salvatore back in 1956.

Emotions of Light

since 1956

Respect for traditions towards new stylistic inventions.

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Subsequently the company was carried forward by the idea and courage of the owner who, together with his son Dibenedetto Salvatore, embarked, as pioneers, on a path in the field of technological innovation in the sector, unique in the Sicilian reality, a reality without this type of experience, it immediately distinguished itself in the field of illuminations and over the years it has increasingly consolidated its success for its excellent achievements and for the high customer satisfaction, with the advent of his son Dibenedetto Salvatore the company took on a an increasingly young, innovative and technological profile, capable of dealing with the foreign market as well.

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Today Dibenedetto Luminarie, at the new establishments of Monterosso Almo, is the most important reality in the field of innovative artistic illuminations and in that of Christmas decorations in Sicily as, thanks to the long experience gained, it has invested huge resources in innovative materials, cutting-edge equipment such as generators, machinery for the creation of wooden shapes and artistic subjects in aluminum, software that allow the creation of 3D rendering projects in the preliminary phase of processing.

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“Our Illuminations

to make the dream come true

The company certainly constitutes a point of reference in the sector, guaranteeing an adequate response to the growing market demand for Christmas decorations.
The quality of the materials and the high efficiency of the luminous bodies used, combined with the observance of a rigid internal control process resulting from the most advanced technology, allow Dibenedetto Luminarie to reach and guarantee high quality standards.

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Dibenedetto Luminarie



Viale Giovanni XXIII, 110 - 97010 Monterosso Almo (RG)

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Phone: +39 333 339 2408

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The Idea

The Project

The realization

All our creations start from a unique and original idea which is then developed by our team

"Artists of Light".
Initially we only have an intuition, precisely lighting: the customer comes to us with a more or less precise vision of what he would like to achieve to make an environment unique.
Our task is to realize that idea and transform it into a design object, which responds to everyone's specific needs.

Design with CAD systems.

Our designers set to work to give shape to that idea, the first drafts are created and the graphic project is developed for what will then have to be created by the skilled hands of the carpenters first, and of the electricians to define the project.

It is the moment in which creativity works.

Handcrafted realization of the projects, once the project and the graphic design have been defined and approved, we move on to the actual realization phase of the product.
It starts with the wooden structure, and then comes to the lights: every detail is studied and created with accuracy and attention to detail, to guarantee a high quality handcrafted product and refined refinement of lines and colors.

the Product

Our products are born this way, with passion and professionalism. Design objects that furnish, as well as illuminate, and give a touch of originality to any environment, internal and external.

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We will help you make it happen!

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